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genie for your wish

title: genie for your wish

genre: genie/dreamgod!au, fantasy, & romance

pairing: kim jongin/oh sehun

word count: 564w.

notes: this was written for my wife and my love harujongin . my only regret it’s not long or as well done as it ought to be. i am sure in the future i will write you more sekai to make up for this shitty one. after all, i owe you 2 5k fics. :’( to anyone who might read this, you may or may not understand considering it’s an au me and thanh created. it’s something that i hold very dear considering it’s how i met you, bae. you’re a very important person in my life and i wish you all the happiness and love on your day.


Jongin knows without a doubt that life has taken a drastic twist from where he was a year and a half ago. The most obvious change is the fact his once lonely apartment is filled up with couple sets of everything. In the kitchen there is matching pink and blue tableware, in the bathroom an extra toothbrush, and in his closet Sehun’s clothes mix with his own. For someone who spent majority of their life stuck in another person’s dream Jongin can say with utmost certainty he’s never been happier.

His fingers slide over Sehun’s arm, gingerly stroking the smooth skin exposed from his cuffed sweater rolled up to his forearm. They’ve been laying like that for minutes since Jongin has gotten home and showered off the sweat of practice form the ballet. Their children - three hyperactive poodles and one ill-tempered, often misgendered cat - all laying in various places in the room waiting for the dads to pay them any mind. Jongin can only sigh in content burying his face in his lover’s dark hair nuzzling as his eyes fall shut at the comfort.

He’s in love. There is no doubt about that. Their match is an odd one. Sehun is a genie who has a life dedication to granting people’s wishes. Jongin is the deity of dreams forsaken in the human world and now working as a full-time principal dancer at the Seoul Ballet. They’re an peculiar pair but it somehow works out. It had been rocky at first, as most relationships can be. But after a long time of just getting to know each other Jongin can admit he's a lot more honest and attentive of Sehun than he is to himself.

Jongin’s lips press against Sehun’s forehead as his legs intertwined with the other’s. They need a bigger couch but they just haven’t gotten around to it. Jongin enjoys doing those small domestic things with Sehun: grocery shopping, picking out furniture together, walking the dogs hand-in-hands, or just going to see a movie. It does not really matter what it only matters that after many, many, many decades of loneliness and misery Jongin has learned to love again without restraints. Sehun will not hurt him. Sehun will not lie to him. And Sehun will always be there for him. To think this is what would have come of the best friends turned lovers. Jongin would have never guessed in a million years he would be resting as he cuddles with Sehun wondering what it would be like to spend the rest of his life with him. Would they retire off to the genie realm? Would they venture to another place in the human world when they outgrew this place? Perhaps, Jongin would ask to go around helping Sehun with his genie duties. Maybe they’ll find a house next to Soojung? (Although, that would be certainly no good because Jongin still gets a little jealous when Soojung cuddles with his boyfriend - but he owes her. Without her there certainly would be no them.)

He does not have the answers and the future is uncertain. He only knows that Sehun monopolizes and owns his heart in every way possible. A year ago that would have been a terrifying concept for the immortal. But; now, it’s only a promise of many more happy moments to experience together. Love was not so bad after all.

Tags: au: dreamgod&genie, genre: fantasy, genre: romance, length: oneshot, pairing: sekai
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