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09 September 2016 @ 01:01 pm
Title: Vanilla
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 4.1k
Summary: Luhan struggles to find a way to treat Sehun right when all he’s ever known is how he’s treated himself.
Note: Orginally written for selubration. Firstly, to thank the mods for hosting this exchange and giving me a platform to test out my writing. Secondly and most importantly, to the wonderful beta & test reader that made this fic turn from dust to something I could be happy with.

They fall together but will they fall apart?Collapse )
30 July 2016 @ 05:23 pm
Title: Crossroads
Genre: Romance
Length: 1.8k
Pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Oh Sehun
Note: Written for Gel's birthday (August 20th) who is apart of sekaisquad! It was supposed to be a lot more fluffy than it turned out but I cannot control what I write. I have a cool two-shot idea but that's once I'm done with all these fic fests and exchanges.
Oh Sehun decides he's going to leave Jongin behind in their old country town.Collapse )
04 July 2016 @ 10:51 am
Title: ghost of you
Genre: angst, romance
Length: 1.3k
Pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Oh Sehun
Note: This was just be testing out writing a small bit of something I was considering for a while. I don't have time right now to make it a full-fledged chaptered fic but I will consider it in the future.

Even after all these years Kim Jongin has never changed.Collapse )
26 June 2016 @ 09:40 pm
title: stomach it
genre: slave!au/pwp
length: 1.4k
pairing(s): Byun Baekhyun/Oh Sehun
note: Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I’ve recently jumped on this sebaek train and I’m going 100mph down a path to hell with how ridiculously cute they are together. This is a bit of madness I wrote on a whim so please be forgiving as I practice my smut tirelessly. Inspired strongly by this song! Be sure to check it out.
Somehow; despite everything, Sehun has the ocean reflecting in his eyes: affection so deep that it seemingly has no end.Collapse )
22 June 2016 @ 08:21 pm
Title: Cloud 9
Genre: romance/fluff
Paring(s): Do Kyungsoo/Oh Sehun
Length: 800w
note: This was written for the lovely carpesoo for her 10k day! I cannot even imagine what 10k looks like so to think you have spent that many days on earth so far it pretty wild. I wish I could have wrote more but I was lucky to get out even this. Have all my worse and sappy fluff! And let's have a moment of silence for the fact I didn't unintentionally angst.

Kyungsoo must swallow his pride and admit how he feels.Collapse )
05 June 2016 @ 10:03 pm

title: open mind (open heart)

genre: angst/smut

pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Oh Sehun

length: 1.6k

note: This was written for sekai squad round two! As always you should check out the rest of the drabbles written for this project with my friends and I. I'm not lying when I say it's an amazingly talented group of people I am so happy to have met and share the love of sekai with! (You can even check out about joining the squad if you're interested as a writer or just as a person who wants to spazz with us.) Anyway, this was OBVIOUSLY inspired by the Monster and Lucky One teasers. Secondly, I saw it going around on twitter kai meant open mind or open heart. He sings a line in Monster "I will get inside your heart". So that was all the inspiration behind this particular drabble. Enjoy!

Bruises paint their bodies in a purplish hue, as normal as freckles or birthmarks to the pair of defectors. They've never had an ordinary life– in return, never having a proper chance to be together. Fate had destined them together, so they will make the most of their last night together.Collapse )

23 May 2016 @ 08:29 pm

Title: we don't walk (we fly)
Genre: PWP/Smut/low-key angst
Pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Oh Sehun
Length: 1.3k
Note: I just wanted to mess around with writing pwp. Although I was super vague, forgive me! One day I shall master the art of not being lazy when it comes to writing smut. lol perhaps--

There is no greater control than to have someone fall apart at your fingertips.Collapse )


Title: a quaking thunder (a rumble of the heart)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing(s): Do Kyungsoo/Oh Sehun
Length: 1k+
Note: Just a little random writing I wanted to do before I went to sleep. Ingore my tragic typos and the overall messy thought process that went into this drabble. Also, needless to say I find Kyungsoo very attractive but the main point of this is to describe how love makes those things irrelevant. Or at least, in my opinion it should.

Sehun once was broken but he found himself not in love but through it.Collapse )

20 May 2016 @ 10:03 pm
Title: Runaways
Genre: Fluff
Pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Lee Taemin
Length: 1k+
Note: Just a small dose of one of my favorite ships I haven't had the time to write lately. I really have a passion for best friend otps. ;u; Anyway, enjoy this short mess!

Jongin has one last summer with his best friend- who he happens to be madly in love with.Collapse )
18 May 2016 @ 01:31 pm

Title: The Fragility of The Heart
Genre: romance/slight angst
Pairing(s): Kim Jongin/Oh Sehun, Park Chanyeol/Wu Yifan
Length: 2.2k
Note: Happy birthday to pcyosh! I hope your birthday is great and I apologize this is not a masterpeice like you deserve. I hope your day is pretty darn great. :) And welcome to sekaisquad.

Sehun has always felt this way about Jongin.Collapse )